1969 - B&W - 120 min.
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A K R A N Essay/ memory/ cric de coeur/ anxious allegory and chilling album of nostalgia/ aphoristic history and anthropology of Akron between wan and war/ elegy/ the jail of our senses/ pathos and confusion of social, sexual, sentimental needs/ the restlessness of youth/ landscapes of alienation/ Vietnam/ consumer civilization/ racism/ our alibi-culture/ ritual automobility/ the neon light of cities/ hermetic icons, instruments of violence in penny arcades/ our lady of the pinball machine ...

— Roman Tymchysh
  • “AKRAN by Richard Myers, was unquestionably the discovery of the year. Running a full two hours, it captures in rapid, brilliant flashes the fears, the frustrations, the hang-ups, the hopes—the emotional texture of young people today.”
    Arthur Knight Film Society Review