1978 - B&W - 90 min.
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FLOORSHOW contains images that move back and forth, through past and present, dream and reality held together by threads or irrational consequences. It free associates and repeats scenes. It lays words on top of images, on top of sounds and speech and visuals, pulling at the viewer’s involvement and internalization.
  • “Richard Myers has, through his films, given us the ONLY consistently creative variable to dreamthinking in our time. All else, in film, slides toward surrealism and/or props itself with misplaced Freudian symbols, at best, or else gets lost in the Jung-le, at the versus. Myers’ work is rooted in what he doesn’t know about just exactly what he knows—his own home grounds mid-America; and, like D. W. Griffith he takes the great risk of being native to his art, attending it on its home-grown-grounds —his UNowned dreams.”
    Stan Brakhage Filmmaker