1984 - B&W - 100 min.
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JUNGLE GIRL was originally a Republic Pictures serial made in 1941 starring Frances Gifford. My film began when I saw the entire serial for sale in a pulp publication, The Big Reel. I bought it immediately. JUNGLE GIRL was fifteen chapters, each about 20 minutes.
I first saw JUNGLE GIRL when I was 11 years old. Republic Pictures had re-released it in 1946. I was mesmerized by the serial and in love with Frances Gifford who played Nyoka.
  • JUNGLE GIRL, experimental film master Richard Myers’ intensely personal tribute to Frances Gifford, star of the Republic Pictures serial of the 1940’s, a gentle, dream / memory work of haunting visual beauty ... and original as Cocteau. It helps to know the Myers’ stock company, mostly family members, but even if you don’t, this homage to the brave Frances Gifford, is absorbing, as much for its backstage look at Hollywood as for its brilliant dream sequences.”
    Sheila Benson Los Angeles Times