1996 - B&W - 110 min.
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The film centers around two men who operate a traveling show. The barker, played by Alan Benson, narrates the three stories that are acted out on stage by Paul Schuster, who is also the driver. My objective was to experiment with the viewer’s response to constantly shifting information that pulls in different directions, and a narration combined with ostensibly unrelated imagery.
  • Richard Myers’ newest feature film, MONSTERSHOW is a study in the art of weaving, layering and remembering. MONSTERSHOW is a true experimental film by an artist who stretches the term ‘independent filmmaker’ far beyond its limit. Though it has been seven years since his last feature film, in a certain touching way, Myers, has actually just now finished his first film begun 46 years ago. At the age of 12 in his hometown of Massillon, Ohio, Myers began an 8-mm film that was a take-off on the Frankenstein story.
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