The following films and book are for sale.
All films are DVD.
To obtain a copy send a check made out to:

Richard Myers
97 Ridge Side Ct.
Munroe Falls, OH 44262

For further information call: (330) 686-4909
Richard Myers is available for one or two day lecture-screenings. These lecture-screenings can include any of the films listed here. Normally the cost of a one day lecture-screening is $300 and two days is $500 plus travel expenses. Myers is willing to do 2 or perhaps 3 screenings per day. Filmmaking 'workshops' and/or 'talks' with classes can also be worked into this schedule. For information call or write.
Book Cover
"The Films of Richard Myers" published in 2013 features all the important films produced by Richard Myers. The book is coffee table size and contains Myers' narrative on his films. The book is 134 pages with 180 stills from his films.

$45 – Includes shipping
Full Length Films
AKRAN- 1969, b&w /120 min. $35
Deathstyles- 1971, color /60 min. $35
Floating Car
37-73- 1974, b&w /60 min. $35
Floorshow- 1978, b&w /90 min. $35
Jungle Girl
Jungle Girl- 1984, b&w /100 min. $35
Moving Pictures- 1989, b&w /103 min. $35
Monster Show
Monster Show- 1996, b&w /110 min. $35
Marjory's Diary- 1996, b&w & color /90 min. $35
Short Films
The Path- 1961, b&w- silent /20 min.
First Time Here- 1964, b&w /24 min.
Coronation- 1965, b&w /23 min.
Akbar- 1970, color- /20 min.
Bill and Ruby
Bill and Ruby- 1970, color- /40 min.
Da- 1970, color- /20 min.
Confrontation at Kent State- 1970, b&w /43 min.
Allison- 1970, b&w- silent /10 min.
The short films are combined on three individual discs as listed below:

Disc 1. The Path – First Time Here – Coronation
Disc 2. Akbar – Bill and Ruby – Da
Disc 3. Confrontation at Kent State – Allison
Each disc is $35